For Adoptive Parents

The Law Offices of Joyce S. Schwensen provides comprehensive adoption legal services to prospective adoptive families.

As an adoptive parent herself, Joyce Schwensen is aware that the vast amount of information available about adoption can seem overwhelming.  While the desire to love and raise a child is simple, the laws of adoption are extremely complex. You can rely on the Law Offices of Joyce S. Schwensen to help you develop your adoption plan, and guide you through the complicated legal procedures involved.

happy familyMost domestic adoptions are independent, or private placement adoptions, where the adoptive family seeks an appropriate adoption match with a birth family without the assistance of an adoption agency. If you are an adoptive family who has identified an adoption opportunity, Joyce Schwensen can guide you as you move toward completion of the adoption.  The Law Offices of Joyce S. Schwensen can also assist you in finding an independent adoption match, and in satisfying all the legal requirements for actively pursuing adoption opportunities.  For assistance with independent adoption, please call us at , or email

If you are considering using the services of an adoption agency or facilitator, Joyce Schwensen is available to help you choose an agency or facilitator that is reputable, has an excellent success rate, and that works with families like yours.  Joyce Schwensen knows that if a family makes sound decisions at the beginning of the adoption journey, they are much more likely to succeed in adopting a child.

If you would like to schedule a two hour adoption consultation session to help you start your  family’s adoption plan, please email us at