For Birth Parents

For Birth ParentsIf you are considering adoption as a possibility for your baby or child, we know you have many questions and concerns. Most women or couples in your situation wonder whether there is an adoptive family available who shares their own beliefs and values, how adoptive families are screened, whether they can have contact with the child after the adoption, and what kind of emotional and financial support is available. If the child’s father is not involved or unsupportive, you may wonder how this can be handled, and what your rights are.

As an experienced adoption attorney, Joyce Schwensen has worked with many pregnant women, new mothers, and couples to help them understand all of their options, and provide the information and support they need, regardless of what decision is reached.

Through our offices we can help you reach your decision whether to place your child with an adoptive family or not.  If you do decide on adoption we can help you choose a family that is thoroughly screened, open to whatever amount of contact and communication you hope for, shares your values and beliefs, and supports you and your choice.

There is much more information available, so please do not hesitate to call or email us so that we can start giving you the assistance you deserve. You are not making a commitment to adoption by contacting us, but you are taking a step toward making the best possible decision for your child and yourself.