Step-Parents Adoptions

Joyce Schwensen has handled many step-parent adoption cases in over 25 years of law practice.  Please contact our office for free information about the timelines, requirements, and costs involved in having your spouse or registered domestic parent adopt your child.  Call (206) 367-1065, or email

Step-Parents AdoptionsIn some cases a step-parent adoption can be handled for a flat fee, so you can plan in advance what expenses to anticipate.  We offer flat fee step-parent adoptions in cases where the child’s biological parent is available and cooperative, or where he or she is deceased, or where the child has no other parent because she or she was conceived through assisted reproduction.  If this is your situation, please contact us for further information about our flat rate fee program.

If the biological parent cannot be located, you may be allowed to proceed with the step-parent adoption by publishing notice to them in a newspaper.  The requirements for this type of procedure are fairly strict however, and it is best to proceed only with the help of an attorney with substantial adoption experience.  The Law Offices of Joyce S. Schwensen has such experience and we would be honored to assist you in moving forward with your adoption plans.